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Republican Congressman Jeff Denham (CA-10) was sent to Washington to represent the Central Valley. Instead, Denham has a long career of playing politics and working for personal gain, rather than for the people of our district. The Denham Awards highlights Denham's most egregious votes and positions.

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Jeff Denham Stars in American Hustle

Jeff Denham stars in Californian Hustle

This is the tale of a career politician from the coast who leased an almond orchard in the district and then called himself a local farmer. But Jeff Denham’s long con doesn’t stop there – he’s had a sordid career of saying one thing to our faces and then doing the exact opposite when he thinks nobody is looking.

Denham acts like he’s working hard for the people but – spoiler alert – once the spotlight shines away, the only person Jeff Denham works hard for is Jeff Denham. Case in point: Denham publicly refused pay raises in the state legislature, only to secretly send letters to the California State Controller demanding a 2% and 12% pay increase[3] when he thought nobody would find out.

And as the story unfolds, the hustle continues. Denham publicly states he wants to protect Medicare, but then votes for a budget that “essentially ends Medicare”[4] and replaces it with a voucher system – all while Central Valley seniors are struggling.

Jeff Denham Stars in Frozen

Jeff Denham stars in Frozen

If you liked the obstructionism and ineffectiveness of Congress, you’ll love when Tea Party extremists force the government into a complete standstill! This past October, Jeff Denham voted repeatedly to shut down the government and devastate our economy. And when a bipartisan solution was introduced to re-open the government, Denham voted against it -- to keep the government frozen.

Denham’s reckless shutdown votes badly damaged economic growth and cost the US economy 24 billion dollars and 120,000 jobs.[2] And all while the Congressional district he purports to represent faces a double-digit unemployment crisis! In fact, Jeff Denham was the only member of Congress to vote to continue the shutdown while representing a district that Obama won. So stay tuned for the conclusion this November, when voters get to respond!

Jeff Denham Stars in Wolf for Wall Street

Jeff Denham stars in The Wolf for Wall Street

After crashing the economy and leaving the Central Valley with one of the worst housing collapses in the country, Wall Street executives laughed all the way to the bank. The valley has pined for a champion but we got Jeff Denham instead.

Rather than fight for Central Valley homeowners and stand up to Wall Street bankers, Denham has had no problem voting to let the big banks continue to run amok. He voted for a budget that removed key provisions from the Wall Street reform bill which allowed the FDIC to dismantle financial firms threatening systemic damage to the American economy.[1]

Jeff Denham Stars in Hunger Games

Jeff Denham stars in The Hunger Games: Cutting Food Stamps

Times are tough here in the Central Valley, but Congressman Jeff Denham thinks things just aren’t tough enough for struggling families. That’s why he’s had no problem voting for a job-killing government shutdown.

But here’s the real plot twist: Even though California’s 10th Congressional District faces a double digit unemployment problem that’s almost twice the national average, Jeff Denham refused to call for extending unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed.[5] Denham even voted to cut food stamps by $40 billion and has refused to raise the minimum wage, sticking it to those disadvantaged Americans who need help the most. [6]

Jeff Denham Stars in Sad Grandpa

Jeff Denham stars in Sad Grandpa

Here comes the tale of millions of seniors all set to retire as they come face to face with the terrifying specter of Congressman Jeff Denham's voting record.

In Congress, Denham supported an extreme anti-senior budget that would have implemented draconian cuts to seniors' health care and would have ended Medicare as we know it -- replacing it with a voucher system.[7] Denham also voted to re-open Medicare's "donut hole" which would force seniors with prescription drug coverage to pay thousands of dollars more for their prescriptions.[8]

Denham also took horrifying steps to revamp Social Security in ways that would have left our seniors much worse off. Denham supported shifting money from Social Security into "private savings accounts"[9][10] that would have left more of our seniors money in the hands of the same Wall Street bankers who brought us a catastrophic housing collapse and a crippling financial crisis.


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